How to sync Facebook Events to Google Calendar 2016

Facebook Events is like an online or virtual invitation which let’s you broadcast an upcoming occasion. But Events is just not broadcasting an upcoming occasion. Remember it is a calendar base and thus, lets us sync all of the information on it to Google Calendar whether it is an invitation, birthdays or Holidays. So for this article, we will teach you on how to sync Facebook events to Google Calendar.

Sync Facebook events to Google Calendar 2016 Edition

  • On your PC – Go to your Facebook home page. On your left side bar, click ‘Events‘.


  • Scroll down below and on your right side bar, right click:
    1. Upcoming Events – if you want to be notified by events
    2. Birthday – to sync your Facebook friends birthday to Google Calendar.
  • Click ‘Copy Link Address‘.events2
  • Go to Google Calendar. On the lower right side bar on ‘Other Calendar‘, click the arrow pointing down and click ‘Add by URL


  • Paste the URL you have just copied from step 2 and 3 then click ‘Add Calendar‘.
  • events3
  • On your Mobile Phone, go to your Phone Sync Settings. Uncheck and Check the Calendar to re-sync settings.
  • Open your Google Calendar App. Click the menu on the top right corner then click ‘Refresh‘. If it’s still unable to sync, go to step 8.


  • Click the menu on the top left corner and go to Settings. Click ‘Show more‘ and click ‘Friends Birthday‘.
  • Tap the switch to sync your Facebook friends birthday or Events.
  • Wait for a few seconds and viola. You have now successfully sync your Facebook Events to Google Calendar.events8910I hope this tutorial helps you. Feel free to comment! Thanks. Also please RATE this article 🙂


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